Bunny Lane  Development

Bunny Lane  Development

Our Response to Your Views

Firstly, thank you to everyone who responded to us about our proposed development on Bunny Lane, we really appreciate that you took the time and trouble to do so. In the end we received over 100 emails covering a very wide spectrum of comments and ideas.

It is clear from your comments that there is general agreement that the regeneration of the site is long overdue. Alongside this there were also some shared concerns, regarding the scale and appearance of the building, the uses being proposed, the availability of parking and the environmental impact of the designs in the conservation area.

We would like to take this opportunity to explain how the designs have developed in response to these issues.

Development Scale

The scale of the designs is similar to those which were submitted as part of the previous planning approval on the site, as illustrated by this drawing which shows the previous designs superimposed on the current proposals.

The building footprint of the current proposals along Bunny Lane and Nottingham Road has also been kept the same or set slightly back from the previously submitted designs and to the rear the building is kept well away from the rear gardens of the bungalows at Woodleigh.

Building Appearance and Use

We believe that this the ideal location to provide a mix of accessible apartments, retail opportunities and offices for start-up businesses to meet the needs of local residents identified in the Keyworth Village Neighbourhood Plan.

It also an opportunity to introduce a building with a more contemporary design appearance. This approach has already been adopted in some of the other major local centres, such as Cotgrave, West Bridgford and Ruddington, where residents are already benefitting from the regeneration of the 1960 and 1970’s housing and shopping landscape.

New Cotgrave Shopping Area

Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Proposed First Floor Plan

Corner Apartment

Parking Provision

A recent survey by Nottinghamshire County Council confirmed that in owner occupied one-bedroom apartments only one in two households had a car and that this fell to less than one in three for shared ownership or rented accommodation.

Provision has been made within this scheme for up to 70% of the households to have a private car by creating a lower storey of car parking. The designs also anticipate the time in the near future when most of the cars we own will be electrically powered and every parking space has a vehicle charging point.

Proposed Lower Ground Floor Plan

Environmental Impact

A variety of detailed studies have been carried out to ensure that the impact of the development on the surrounding area and environment is minimised and their recommendations have been incorporated into the scheme.

Every apartment will achieve Carbon Net Zero through the installation of over 450 square meters of photo voltaic panels and areas of soft landscaping have been introduced into the courtyard to attract wildlife.

The ecology of the existing buildings and surrounding area have been surveyed to ensure that there no protected species will be harmed and that the nearby trees in the church yard will be protected.

The improvements to the existing access will improve visibility for vehicles entering and leaving the site.

Proposed Solar PV Array

Local Heritage and Conservation

The site has played an important part in the history of Keyworth and during the construction phase archaeologists will be able to inspect the site as the works progress.

The site is also located within the Keyworth Conservation Area and detailed research has been carried out to ensure that there is no harm to the setting of the nearby Listed St Mary Magdalene Church or obstruction to key views from the surrounding area identified in the Keyworth Village Neighbourhood Plan.